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Katherine Jackson praat met ABC News

Katherine Jackson sprak met ABC News 'Goodmorning America' op 25 januari.

"It's been a difficult time for me ever since my son passed," zei Katherine Jackson. "When I'm in that courtroom I can't stand to look at that man [Murray]…and I go because I love my son... I just feel I have to be there. It's the same way when they was accusing him of molestation... I was there every day."

In aanvuling met de zaak tegen Conrad Murray, heeft Katherine ook een brief van de Michael Jackson Estate tegen haar zakenpartner Howard Mann.


"As far as the estate suing Howard Mann, my feeling is when they're suing Howard Mann they're suing me... because I authorized the book," zei  Katherine.

Howard Mann zei dat Katherine door een moeilijke tijd gaat.

"It's not just obviously the lawsuit filed against us, she's obviously going through a criminal trial towards as to the wrongful death of her son, the litigation with AEG, I think there's a lot of compound pressure right now," zei Mann.

Katherine praat ook over de kinderen van Michael Jackson.

"Michael's children are good children, and he raised them out of love and understanding, " zei Katherine. "I don't have a hard time with them, because they know what, how their father had them raised, and their very respectful and also it's a difference today."

"I wouldn't let (them) go into business at this early of age, like Paris wants to be an actress…and I don't think Michael would have let her," zei ze. "He talked about he didn't have a childhood, he wanted to be more...play more."

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