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Stevie Sonder vindt Michael Jackson's nieuwe album geweldig

[Stevie Wonder is aan het spelen en aan het singen in de studio, pratend met DJ Ryan Seacrest, die Stevie vroeg om een 'holiday tune'. Stevie antwoordt:]

SW: I will, but do me a favor, we can talk about that...but I just downloaded the new Michael Jackson album...

RS: Do you like it?

SW: I totally like it! And I like song number four, without question...

RS: (I Like) The Way You Love Me?

SW: Yeah, I think y'all should play that, really. The reason, in part, that I talk about this song is because we all know that, when he died, there were those people who loved him so much - most of the people throughout the world, but there were those who came out talkin' craziness and talkin' just stupid stuff. Some of those people befriended him, and then after he died, come up with this stupid stuff and said "Well, you know..." and that kind of stuff... And it really bothered me. It bothered me so much that that's why I didn't want to do any interviews, because I didn't want to be part of that.

But I wanted to be a part of... You know what? He, as in John Lennon, as in many of the people we lost... they were blessings to the planet. And I think a way to show him, his mother, how much we really love the blessing of his life is by just continuing to let the legacy of this man live and be strong. Because love is far bigger than hate, and it should always be that way. So I loved this song a lot.

RS: So let me ask you something, and I'll put this in here and we'll cue it up. Will.i.am -- and he's on the show tomorrow -- was very vocal about this album, saying it shouldn't have been released, he was upset about it, and some people have said that. And you totally disagree with that.

SW: Well I think that, obviously, we want to know what the artist was thinking, and we've had artists' songs come out right after they died and that just is what that is. And if your hookup is right before you die, if you make sure that everything is straight should you die, that either those songs will be released the way you would approve and done by someone, or they won't be. Because you can only do as much as you will have done by the time you die. So I think that people love Michael Jackson and they want to hear the very, very last thing that he did.

I'm hoping, and it sounds to me more -- far more -- like him than not.

And I just think that we all have opinions, right? You know? Everybody's got an opinion, we can't stop that. Will is a good person, and that's how he feels.

I just know that that song I like. I LOVE that song! I just love it, it makes me feel that he's there. That's the spirit of how I like to remember his voice... one of the different ways -- obviously, he had many different ways of singing.

So I just look at the positive. If it's going to encourage somebody, talking about love... if it's going to encourage somebody, talking about things that will maybe stop someone who wants to kill themself, and by hearing something positive, they're inspired to live even greater and better... then let's do that. I mean, we were given the gift not to just let it die when we die.

RS: Here is the song he was just talking about -- Michael Jackson....[speelt een lied]. That was Michael Jackson, cut 4 from the new Michael Jackson album. Stevie Wonder requested that one. Pretty song!

SW: [Zingt een stukje van een lied.] "Dooo-wooooh-oooooh... Isn't it pretty?"

RS: Yeah, it's REALLY pretty!

SW: [Zingt een ander stukje van een lied.] "Dooo-wooooh-oooooh..."


Hier het originele nieuwsbericht:

Legend Stevie Wonder came by to talk to Ryan about how his career, to promote his charity event, Stevie Wonder’s House Full of Toys Benefit, Michael Jackson. When Ryan asked Stevie what it’s like to be Stevie Wonder, Stevie told Ryan, “It feels like I am very thankful, blessed and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person…I’m kidding!” All jokes aside, he then got serious admitting he often asks himself to this day, “What does this all mean?” He then added, “You got to remember, I was signed to Mo-Town when I was eleven.” Stevie then took Ryan back to how it all started, and how he got started as a singer. “There were certain rules that my mama had,” he told Ryan, ” I didn’t realize that I was blind! My mind was wanting to drive a car, climb a tree, just anything… I was at home and I heard this music from a few blocks away, somebody was playing guitar and I wanted to go there and hear what that was.” Then one day while in “snapping” with some “bad friends”, “the kind of kids your mother would say, don’t hang out with,” Stevie explained, a religious car repair man told him to stop saying “nasty things” and use that beautiful voice for spiritual music. “And then I sang ‘Oh Lord save me, I didn’t mean to do that, oh Lord save me,’ and so then he immediately goes into his pocket and gives me two dollars of change…so then my friends and I would go to the store and get a bunch of candy!” Stevie became so enthusiastic about singing to earn money to buy his candy, that he was discovered by Ronnie White’s Aunt of “Smokey Robinson and the Miracles,” who encouraged him to go to Mo-Town.

After telling Ryan that in 2011 he is going to reveal a big secret, he doesn’t have a favorite song to play. “I have fun with all of them,” he told Ryan, “I still see this job as the job.” He then talked about the charity even which he is having on Saturday at the Nokia theater, “This is the 15th year that we’ll do it, and the goal is to raise money…We want to make sure that everyone is able to enjoy this festive time of the year…and we get all kinds of artists.” Finally, he talked about his good friend Michael Jackson, and his opinion on the latest album. “I like it and I like song number four (like the way you love me) without question…When he died, there were those who loved him so much, and there were those talking craziness…it bothered me…He was a blessing to the planet and I just think a way to show him, to show his mother, is just to let the legacy of this man live for love is bigger then hate.” To hear more about Stevie’s opinion on Michael Jackson and him rocking out with Ellen, be sure to listen to the whole interview!


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