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Jermaine Jackson twitterd over de kunst van Michael Jackson

Jermaine Jackson heeft voor de eerste keer gepraat over de gevonden verloren kunst van Michael Jackson:

I’m helping clear up matters for the genuine concern of all fans.

I know reports about Michael’s art concerns you all. I will reserve judgment til we know FACTS, but here’s what I can say…Michael sketched Martin Luther King and Charlie Chaplin many times…Michael spent many years painting & sketching in an airport hangar with Brett Livingstone Strong. This was never ‘lost’ art.

The full breadth of Michael’s talents were never fully appreciated. his art was his modesty. He always sketched as a child, from the moment we arrived in Hollywood.

Much of Michael’s work was, to best of my knowledge, mainly furniture pieces. I went to the hangar only once. The airport hangar’s anonymity is why Michael chose it.

A lot of that work was under tutelage/in collaboration with Brett. It was Michael’s decision to keep his art with him. I know nothing of Tohme-Tohme involvement. But remember, he was the one who went into an unpermitted dismantling of Neverland.

I thought they were hidden until today. Michael’s arrangement with Brett was very private. Trust me, whatever my Mother has of Michael’s, she treasures.

I hope that limited info at least sheds more light on basic facts/backstory. thank you everyone. We search for the same clarification. I just know that Michael had a debt of gratitude to Brett for everything he’d taught him.

Sources: mjj.jouwweb.nl, Jermaine Jackson via Twitter

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