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Nog een verklaring van Jermaine Jackson

Jermaine Jackson heeft nog een statement gegeven, deze keer over zijn Michael Jackson boek:

Many of you have asked about my book’s timing in light of my comments about the tribute concert, so let me explain.

When I first signed the book deal, the agreed publication date was October 13. When the courts moved the trial date from June to September, that meant the book would come out in the middle of those proceedings — an outcome I couldn’t allow.

Once I explained this to the UK & US publishers, they both understood and acted swiftly, going to great lengths to rearrange their ‘locked in’ schedules.

I was offered two alternative publication dates: first week November or second week September. To avoid a potential clash with any jury deliberations/verdict in the November, I agreed September 13 because it’s BEFORE the trial’s start on September 20.

Where my publishers listened and acted to avoid conflict with the trial, Global Live, the promoters behind the tribute concert, heard my same concerns and stuck to their October 8th concert date. There is the difference.

I will not be promoting the book or doing any book signings after September 20 and until the trial has ended.


Sources: mjj.jouwweb.nl, Jermaine Jackson via Twitter

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