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Ndamukong Suh’s Michael Jackson

Hij droeg tijdens zijn bezoek aan de ESPN een handschoen, een gelimiteerde replica die bij een special edition van Michael Jackson: The Exerience zat. Hij heeft samengewerkt met Ubisoft aan de game.

“He was an excellent dancer, so it’s tough to replicate him, but I try my best to get close to him,” zei Suh. “All his practice made him perfect, so I need 10 to 20 times more practice than he did.”

“Me and my sister had all his videos on VHS,” zei Suh. “Pretty much any time we were stuck in the house, we put the video on, dance to him, watch him. ‘Thriller,’ ‘Beat It,’ ‘Bad,’ just being able to go back and reminisce to those things. … Definitely a huge Michael Jackson fan. Now to be older, to still be a fan of him, being able to work with that estate, not that many people can say that they’ve had an opportunity to have some connection to Michael Jackson.”

Source: ESPN

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